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13 September 1963
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I've spent much of my life thus far batting around the world on consulting assignments for a small company. I've been all over Latin America, as well as Italy, Germany, India, and Southeast Asia. I'm a closet femme, always wondering if I should out myself to friends -- and VERY gradually I'm getting that accomplished.

Now that I've been at it here for a decade, I find that I still really enjoy this blog and the terrific friends I've met here. The blog initially took on a personality of its own, back in summer 2005, as I ferreted out intriguing photos of girls, mostly taken by themselves or by other girls. I like tastefully sexy, playful shots.

Alas, in the past three years, my main source for such photos, Flickr, cracked down on their members who posted such photos. Finally, in 2014, they made reposting nearly impossible. Anyone who browses my archive, though, can wander through many of those lovely shots from 2005 to 2013 -- and sample my purple prose while you're at it.

I still have one lovely source, an LJ member named Scott Church, who DOES facilitate access to his gorgeous work.

My other resource is Tumblr, where I have several photo-blogs overflowing with sweet girls wearing very little. Please feel free to check out "ultradevi.tumblr.com" and "ultradevi2.tumblr.com".

Unfortunately, I'm currently unable to reblog the actual shots here -- but clicking the URLs I sprinkle through my posts does get you a vivid sampling.
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