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The "Trump Whisperer"

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The "Trump Whisperer"

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This article, in today's WPost, is an impressive look at Trumpsky's "bromance" with French President Macron. Curiously, their contact is far closer than Trumpsky enjoys with any other world leader --unless Putin has even greater control over him than is publicly seen.

That is, unless "the dossier" is right that Putin actively blackmails our Asshole-in-Chief.

Be that as it may (and I'm truly counting on Mueller to determine that), Macron -- coming this month on a state visit to the US -- talks several times a week with Trumpsky. They have apparently bonded as fellow "non-political" outsiders who wound up running nuclear-armed countries. (Germany misses the bus on nukes, as well as trade policy...)

Besides, Trumpsky liked a French military parade laat year SO much that he's insisting on having one HERE this fall!

European leaders happily recognize Macron's privileged access and are reportedly using him to talk sense to Trumpsky on vatious subjects. They allegedly refer to Macron as "the Trump whisperer..."
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