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Trumpsky is "lose-lose" on Russia

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Trumpsky is "lose-lose" on Russia

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Today's WashPost has an important front-page article: "In battle over Russia policy, Trump's aides are willing"

It particularly details his foot-dragging role in expelling their diplomats to protest Russia's poisoning an anti-Putin spy in the UK. It seems Trumpsky somehow THOUGHT that our European allies were each throwing out 60 Russian diplomats. Aides quote him saying, "We're not taking the lead. We're matching."

When the actual numbers were subsequently published, "Trump erupted...France and Germany were each expelling only four Russian officials!" He was "furious" when the world press trumpeted that the US had taken "by far the toughest stance on Russia."

He attacked his staff (presumably NatSecurity Advisor H.R. McMaster, who left the job days later): "there were curse words, a lot of curse words.

Later in the article (very well sourced from inside the White House), "he complained to aides that the media [sic!] fixation on the Mueller probe was hobbling his effort to woo Putin. 'I can't put on the charm...I'm not able to be president because of this witch hunt.'"

The article details various other instances where Trumpsky was out-maneuvered by right-thinking officials at State Dept and the Pentagon, notably our December anti-tank missile sale to the Ukraine. Ditto, Trumpsky's stupid invitation to Putin to meet him in Washington -- "prospects for a visit anytime soon seem remote."

"'We're not rushing to do this meeting,' a senior administration official said. 'Our team wasn't thrilled about the idea.'"

I, for one, AM thrilled at such insider resistance to Trumpsky, and I can only imagine his loony over-reaction to this whole article. Think of it as McMaster's revenge!
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