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Firing Bolton!! In fact, indicting him !!!

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Firing Bolton!! In fact, indicting him !!!

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A modest proposal, based on a close reading of the WAPO article on Cambridge Analytica (CA) today:

We can demand Bolton be fired for illegal electoral abuses. He runs a super-PAC which illegally worked with CA non-US staff in 2014 and 2016 here. The Post obtained data from CA showing the firm spent $7.5 million and had 41 (sic!) employees and contractors in the US between April and at least July, 2014.

Bolton's spokesman Garrett Marquis admitted to the Post that "Bolton, not individuals at [CA], made all strategic decisions relating to the zuper-PAC's work...Bolton had been unaware of any alleged improprieties by CA until recent news reports."

The Post's source, Noah Wylie, "who left [CA] at the end of 2014 because of his uneasiness about its politics," puts the lie to Garrett's claim that Bolton made "ALL the strategic decisions" -- "...Bannon and [CA President] Nix, a Briton [who BOTH illegally discussed "strategic campaign matters"]

The Post doesn't take its material to the inevitable conclusion: Bolton is a bad actor who may well be in the gunsights of Special Counsel Mueller. Someone should get a court injunction against an admitted felon, Bolton, serving in the USG. Certainly his security clearance must be lifted, just like Jared's.

Gotcha, asshole!
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