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Stumbling "hard enough"

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Stumbling "hard enough"

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Headlining "Trump[sky] will 'look into" Flynn reports," today's NYTimes (yes! we now subscribe here in FL!) has a good article summing up lots of reporting on Trumpsky's National Insecurity Advisor, Michael Flynn.

You astute readers have seen media reports in past weeks about Flynn playing footsie with Russians, including with their ambassador on the very day that President Obama (oh, do THOSE two words sound good together!) sanctioned Russia for fucking around with our elections. Flynn is widely thought to have reassured him that Trumpsky surely would obediently lift those mean little sanctions. But Flynn denied it, including to Veep Pence -- who then denied it to the press.

Now Flynn's spokesman says he "couldn't remember" whether he had, indeed, discussed the sanctions -- in clear breech of US law. And last night, on Air Farce One, ol' Trumpsky claimed to reporters "I have not seen it" (the press reports on Flynn's poor memory), but would "look into" them.

Last night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow -- evidently smelling blood in the water -- took off on Flynn. She had an authority (albeit a Democrat) on Congress's Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, who said this seemingly illicit communication with Russia "raises serious questions of legality and fitness for office -- [Flynn] should not be in this administration..."

Today's article said Repubs in Congress have little stomach for criticizing Flynn. "Some [Repubs] believe he will ultimately stumble hard enough that he will be forced out..." Notably, it then links Flynn to three other Trumpies who have been booted out, including the erstwhile campaign manager Paul Manafort -- sacked in August when details leaked out regarding his dirty involvement with Russia in the Ukraine.

US "counterintelligence officials are already known to be investigating these links to Russia." They could properly lift his security clearance in punishment for Flynn's sins extending bsck to his heading the Defense Intelligence Agency -- a job Obama forced him out of.

Yes, Flynn will go soon, I predict. The word on Repubs in Congress practically guarantees it.
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