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Goading The Don, while displaying Kristen's charms...

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Goading The Don, while displaying Kristen's charms...

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Well, TONIGHT may have been the BEST iteration of SNL since, um, ever! Alec Baldwin did his killer Trumpsky impersonation (trying in vain to con the Mexican President into paying for the goddamned wall); the nefarious Steven Bannon was portrayed as a "Death" skeleton -- not subtle, but plenty cool. And Melissa McCarthy did a fabulous take on Sean Spicer, the Trumpsky mouthpiece. She had the look of Spicer down pat (props to the SNL make-up people!), and the fierce anger was all too similar to the real Spicer. (I predict he won't last two months!)

But I confess I was utterly boggled by a VERY sexy Kristen Stewart! For one thing, she told an amazing (and evidently true) story about being harassed on Twitter several years ago by The Donald, who was bizarrely titillated. She read off several of some eleven Tweets from him about how Kristen had slept around while dating Robert Pattinson. (They had an extended and very public affair while appearing in the "Twilight" teen drama, like a decade ago...but why Trumpsky felt he needed to defend Pattinson is downright strange!)

Also, in the opening monolog, she accidentally said "fuck" while flirting with Kate McKinnon. Kristen was sparkling whenever she and Kate were together, but also in a great re-do of the classic SNL "Totino" mini-pizza commercial -- where she seduces the oppressed housewife while hubby is watching the Superbowl with his buds.

Kristen was again fabulous playing Gisela Bundchen (Tom Brady's unlikely spouse); Kate played her usual over-the-top Justin Bieber in that same game-show sketch.

And the "Saturday Night Update" sequence was terrific, just slamming Trumpsky pitilessly -- not that the asshole deserves pity!

I guarantee there'll be some outraged Tweets tonight from The Donald!
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