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June 18th, 2018

Kathy Griffin on Sunday "lashed out in a profanity-packed tweet after Melania Trump said in a statement on immigration reform she hates seeing children separated from their parents at the border, but didn’t criticize her husband’s administration for doing just that.

“ 'Fuck you, Melanie,' Griffin wrote, repeating the president’s misspelling of the first lady’s first name. 'You know damn well your husband can end this immediately ... you feckless complicit piece of shit.' ”

Harsh words -- but making a valid point. She even repeated a word for Melania, "feckless," that Samantha Bee had used at the White House Correspondents dinner -- reaping wide criticism for a few other choice words she offered.

There's a shitstorm of hostility being directed at Kathy today, partly because she'd attacked Trumpsky a year ago in equally dubious taste. (When she appeared in a photo with a dummy severed head, representing the Asshole-in-Chief. To be sure, the real dummy's head remained atop Trumpsky, where it's done very little good for humanity...)

As with Robert di Niro's uttering "Fuck Trump!" at the Tony Awards recently, vile language frankly isn't helping rid us of the corrupt traitor installed by the Russians. And some folks ARE wondering if we ALL might take it down a notch, in the minimal hope of more civility on all sides...

(Note major developments today, Wednesday -- see my comment below!)

June 13th, 2018

Fuck Trumpski!

I meant to post on Monday about Robert di Niro's heartfelt message to The Fucking Donald, uttered at the Tony Awards celebration last Sunday. Obviously, I second that motion...

Mr.di Niro spoke after Trumpsky blew off the G7 summit in Canada, doing serious damage to relations with our longstanding allies. But he likely also guessed that Trumpsky would fuck up dismally in Singapore yesterday -- though it looks like Trumpsky's spectacular fail was WAY WORSE than many of us believed it would be.

Tonight's reporting from Pyongyang indicates the North Koreans seem to think Kim Jong Un got all sorts of promises from Trumpsky -- including stopping US-South Korea joint military exercises, a peace treaty, and a state visit to Washington. All in exchange for precisely NOTHING from Kim!

Asshole Trumpsky thought it should be a one-on-one meeting, with no one else there from our side -- so why WOULDN'T Kim lie about what was offered? For that matter, I wouldn't be surprised if Trumpsky HAD offered to stop the military exercises (though not telling our Seoul allies was a boo-boo, huh?). I certainly don't expect him to tell the truth, EVER...

This is, incidentally, treason. The only explanation about such a failure is that his buddies in Moscow told him to do it.

May 29th, 2018

I have expected the many outrages committed by Trumpsky to lead -- sooner rather than later -- to the fucker's impeachment. Now, in a disturbingly good piece on the prospect in the current New Yorker, I'm frankly worried. Do look at it, dear readers:


First, to address the above URL, let me say that I do not know whether that is large-D Democrat or small-d voter of any stripe. (The problem was occasioned by URLs not allowing capital letters, and this ten-word summary is not in the magazine's text...)

As if that were the only uncertainty on the subject. In fact, impeachment for Trumpsky is much trickier than one might imagine. (Or than one might take from billionaire Tom Steyer's impressive TV commercials urging impeachment -- which are somewhat distinct from Democratic Party policy at this moment.)

As Toobin explains, the two recent impeachments (Nixon in 1974 and Clinton in 1998-9) give pause. Nixon was opposed by some Republicans, whereas there is depressingly near-unanimity in the GOP now. As for Clinton, there was much debate whether the acusations met the "high crimes and misdemeanors" requirement of the Constitution.

Citing pros and cons on the latter, Toobin seems to think there are adequate grounds today, but sees the eventual debate over "emoluments" and other arcania as ugly and unending. He hopes that Mueller's eventual report will be crystal-clear, OR that Trumpsky will say or do something more egregious than he has yet done -- for example, firing Mueller or Deputy AG Rosenstein.

One big question Toobin cannot answer is how the November elections will affect public opinion. He seems to think Republican Congressional candidates will fight their opponents on where they stand on the issue. He quotes Sen.Ted Cruz (running for re-election) attacking Dems' leader Nancy Pelosi saying she doesn't currently support impeachment. He insists she'll personally launch proceedings in the House the day she's sworn in: "The passion on the left is too great."

In short, the mid-term elections are where impeachment will be fought out. And whether or not Mueller has released his report by then will become the focus.

May 23rd, 2018

Ronan Farrow

I've been reading a new book called "War on Peace" -- about contemporary American diplomacy's assorted perils. It's by a young writer named Ronan Farrow -- son of Mia Farrow (yay!) and Woody Allen (boo!).

(I regret to say that Woody is the "gorilla in the room" -- he raped two of Ronan's adopted sisters -- and, so far, has got away with it.)

FYI I'm heroically resisting a "Rosemary's Baby" joke...

Minutes ago, I caught a great, hour-long interview with Ronan on NPR's "Fresh Air" program. Not only did I get insights into the book, but also into his amazing life as a child genius -- he started college when he was 11 years old, then went to law school at 16, and went to work at the State Department.

That was also amazing: he worked with an extraordinary diplomat named Richard Holbrook, who had made peace in the Balkans in the 90's and, with Ronan in his team, was trying to do the same thing for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Alas, life ran out for Holbrook in 2011; a massive heart attack ended our best chance for a negotiated peach in Afghanistan.

All this is in the book, along with much about his foreign-affairs stint that fascinated me about Ronan.

But the radio interview took things in other directions -- particularly his having revealed in the New Yorker magazine last fall the dark history of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. That reporting won him a Pulitzer Prize last month. It was an important part of the burgeoning worldwide campaign to stop abuse of women in various industries and walks of life.

Turns out that, after he left State, Ronan started a journalism career, working for NBC News where he began the reporting that -- after NBC sacked him for, in effect, threatening their lucrative relationship with Weinstein -- eventually resulted in the New Yorker stories on sexually abusive bosses. (Given his checkered history with NBC, he loves working for the liberal magazine -- which happens to be my go-to resource on international topics.)

His Weinstein effort took Ronan back into foreign affairs. Seems the mogul put an Israeli private-intel firm called Black Cube onto him -- and onto the women sources he developed to report the story.

He even witnessd the vicious intimidation that was part of Weinstein's modus operandi. (Ronan said he wouldn't answer the NPR interviewer's other questions about the threats directed at him; "there are legal issues pending ...oh, and there could be another book in it.")

Well, gentle readers, I'd love to tell you more. There was so much in the interview about his life with Mia Farrow and his many siblings, on their international charitable activities, and on the bizarre side of Woody.

Hey, look up Ronan on Google, as I'm about to do. And check out his New Yorker pieces! (I'm also going to complain about NBC's rotten treatment of Ronan -- maybe I'll copy this to Rachel Maddow, a fave of mine on MSNBC... or even sic the FCC onto them.)

May 20th, 2018


That declaration of mine -- that Trumpsky will go down -- a minute ago seemed to have a dubious URL. Hence I went back and re-copied it, and the one above seems better.

DO GIVE it a try, and
DON'T GIVE up on the United States (even if we don't seem so UNITED at the moment!).
(Corrected URL)

I hope this URL will get you sweet readers a look at a vital article in today's Post. It cites worried Europeans -- like Josef Janning, head of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations -- who are becoming discouraged about maintaining close relations with the US.

It also notes Council of Europe President Donald Tusk earlier this week: "With friends like [Trump], who needs enemies?" He denounced "the capriciousness of the American administration," particularly Trumpsky's having abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran -- despite orchestrated efforts by European leaders to persuade him of its necessity.

"Europeans have also been repeatedly disappointed as one supposed brake after another on Trump's most extreme foreign policy impulses -- Congress, his own advisers and public opinion -- has fallen away...[he] is alienating America's closest allies, and the American public doesn't seem to mind."

HOLD ON!! We DO mind, and we mind mightily. I personally am convinced that the November American midterm elections will see the righteous American public bitch-slap BOTH Trumpsky and the Congress! Those many millions of us of us, disgusted by the looney bastard, will impeach and unseat him within a year.

Then there are the judicial efforts, by both Mueller in Washington and the New York federal prosecutors, to convict Trumpsky's "colluders" -- like Michael Cohen and Manafort & Co. Even Jared and Ivanka! At some point, the guy will be abandoned by his erstwhile henchmen and kinfolk -- you CAN'T vote from a federal prison! -- and will fall on his own fucking sword.

May 17th, 2018


A scary article about how deeply "gamer" culture has changed the fabric of our culture in the past year or two.

This particular game, called "Fortnite" (apparently -- as a warfare game -- building fortifications* is part of it), nowadays claims vast amounts of young people's time, energy and other resources.

Yes, we as a society have lived with ever-more-popular games since before the advent of personal computers. Many are violent shoot-em-ups, like "Minecraft" and even "Grand Theft Auto" -- and they have spawned immense, highly profitable competitions among the better players, who are "pros" in every sense of the word.

One such player is Tyler Blevins, nicknamed "Ninja," who has 10 million subscribers on You Tube. Sone 700,000 tuned in to his steeam on Twitch (a gamer site owned by Amazon) for a Fortnite tournament in Las Vegas last month. He reportedly makes a half-million bucks A MONTH for his skills.(The otherwise well-done article doesn't detail how the money is generated, who runs the competition, or how money filters down to other top players.)

"In April, Ninja ranked higher than any athlete in the world in 'social interactions,' a measure of social-media likes, comments, shares and views."

Presuably this newfangled index generates large advertising revenues -- just as Cambridge Analytica's nefarious Web presence during the US presidential elections made money even while wrecking our democracy. (Not to speak of the billions of dollars Google et.al. rake in every month.)

* Likely, players have no idea of the pun in the game's very name.

May 16th, 2018

John Bolton -- "human scum"

From today's NYTimes:
"Some officials suggested that Mr. Trump needed to rein in Mr. Bolton, though they expressed few qualms about the White House’s broader strategy. Officials noted that the United States had not made any concessions to Mr. Kim, beyond agreeing to the meeting itself..."

Bolton was a terrible choice by Trumpsky -- not least for having fucked up negotiations with North Korea on nukes during George W's administration. And the North Koreans remember him: yesterday they referred to Bolton as "human scum."

May 15th, 2018

Not about Trumpsky, nope!

Seems like I only scribble here about our Asshole-in-Chief, but NOT today. I just had a recommendation of a cool film that came out in 2014. (Should be somewhere on cable, maybe HBO...)

It's called "Palo Alto" and is by Gia Coppola, grand-daughter of "Godfather" maker Francis Ford Coppola. (The other director in the family is his daughter Sophie, who did the amazing "Lost in Translation," what? 15 years ago.)

*********** (Nope, can't ignore Trumpsky's shit no matter how hard I try! Just saw a sad piece in today's Post about how European leaders are still aghast at his bull-headed, anti-historical abandonment of the Iran nukes arrangement!


Trumpsky's Asshole-Advisor John Bolton OUTDID his boss on one of the Sunday interview shows, combatively sneering at our allies for doing nothing about Iran's missile program. He mostly spoke in facile terms about an anti-Iran coalition (to do what was unclear) among Israel* and the Sunni states, as well as "Iranian trading partners in Asia."

And he added: "I think the issue here is what the Europeans are going to do."

This was bizarre, since US officials (including new SecState Pompeo) in high-level contacts a week ago gave French and German leaders assurances that the US was eager to create a "better" Iran nuclear deal. There clearly is NO American strategy on the subject, nor even the will to think about one.

And tnow -- breaking news! --there's North Korea's cancelling a planned meet with South Korea today, casting doubt on Trumpsky's announced lovefest with Kim Jong Un in a couple of weeks. We have no strategy there either...

* Not to mention yesterday's obscene embassy opening in Jerusalem, simultaneous with Israeli troops slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza. Fucking outrageous! Contrary to Bolton, we don't want a retrograde "alliance" with the autocrats of the Middle East!!
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