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May 18th, 2019

Catch-22 lives again!

Eons ago, I diacovered Joaeph Heller's awesome novel about WWII, Catch-22. As anti-war aa you can imagine, it followed a sad-sack* named Yossarian as he resisted the fog of war.

It was made into a terrific film by Mike Nichols, with the stellar Alan Arkin as Yossarian.

And now, a mere couple of decades later, it's again appeared as an 8-part series by Hulu. The late Mike Nichols wouldn't know from "Hulu" -- but he deserves a more positive review than "[the book's] sharp humor was also somewhat difficult to glean from Nichols' 1970 movie adaptation."

Since I have no clue HOW to access Hulu, I doubt I'll ever see it.


* Yes,"sad-sack" is authentic WWII slang...

May 17th, 2019

I just pieced together a rough picture of current legal moves -- suggesting the political impasse of recent weeks is being overcome.

One new development was the court-ordered release of portions of Mueller's report having to do with former NSC Dirrctor Mike Flynn. A second case brought another court order on May 16, with prosecutors* now required to identify all Mueller redactions dealing with Roger Stone and publicly release them within two weeks.

Thess legal actions suggest that the entire report may soon be available. Too, there are hints -- from AG Barr himself -- that Mueller himself may be able to testify in Congress about his team's investigation.


* Prosecutors ssem to have overstepped their mandate. According to "Politico," they told the court last week, “Because disclosable information that may have been redacted from the public version of the Special Counsel’s report... is already being provided to the defendant in discovery, the defendant is not entitled to an unredacted copy of the report.” The court evidently rejected this claim on May 16.

May 11th, 2019

Jennifer Rubin, a former Repub on The Post's editorial board, wrote today:

"...I am often asked whether the Republican Party can be rehabilitated. A party is made up of individuals; in this case, a group of elected leaders who uniformly invite foreign intervention in our election should be permanently disqualified from holding office. They have violated their oaths in the most egregious manner possible and cannot be entrusted with power again. Ever."

"Ever" was in italics!

May 8th, 2019

Impeach the bastards!

Someone recently argued to me the Pelosi position (gosh, that sound LOTS sexier than it, in fact, IS!) -- that we not indict the bastard just yet, lest we enhance his likely claim to martyrdom in 2020.

i countered that we can rely on Trumpsky to screw up ALL the time, and his pitiful self-harming can only affect his increasingly dubious electability -- and, therefore, a nasty ongoing process of impeachment will make him more incoherent and vulnerable than ever.

The same may well be true of Barr, Bolton, Pompeo et al.

May 5th, 2019


I highly recommend this article by a woman I've tracked (mainly in the "New Yorker") for over TWO decades, Daphne Merkin.

I'm intrigued by Thomson -- who, Daphne writes, has written a BUNCH of books on the film industry and the homoerotic [in my caae, lesbian] aspects thereof.

Because I enjoyed the piece so much, let me quote from it a bit:

"...Already with the first sentence of 'Sleeping With Strangers,' Thomson establishes himself as an independent mind, positing a definition of moviegoing that complicates the by-now tired idea of film as an inherently voyeuristic genre: 'The movie screen is a window, and the trick of the medium is to let us feel we can pass through it....'

"...we are part of the picture instead of outside it. It is an expansive definition, one that upends the whole notion of film as predominantly catering to the infamous 'male gaze' beloved of feminist film critics (although Thomson later on dutifully devotes an entire chapter to this very trope)...

"...the erotic life of movies shapes and misshapes us, codifying our fantasies, shooting an arrow into them and occasionally showing them up as bogus...

“...'Rather,' he writes, 'I want to extend the proposal that the atmosphere of all movies had a gay air' [sic!]. He is referring specifically to films of the 1930s made in the wake of the Production Code, but in truth he sprinkles hints throughout the book that he considers the medium of cinema conducive to the subversion of smug heterosexual pieties..."


A plea to a certain girl I know who enjoys movies -- NOW, V, will you please read the article, for heaven's sake?

May 3rd, 2019

The wonderful spring flowers at our Arlington home took a beating from last weekend's hard rain! Worst hit were the azaleas, many of which were near their prime, but instantly died off. A few bushes struggled, but still seem to be intact. Our mainstay, stands of huge yellow iris, recovered handsomely; they are now joined by the smaller-but-gorgeous blues. And our masses of pansies still thrive

Who'd have imagined? Trees and lawns and everything else is emerald green, and it's stunning.

The amazing rhodadendron seems to have survived -- it had only bloomed ten days ago. There remain at leaat 20 full-sized (10-inch diameter) blooms. Few were badly harmed.

But the big news remains our yellow irises -- some seened badly off, but somehow freshened thenselves up. Quite a few are hanging on inside the house, rescued daily and now in vases everywhere, Their blue brethren hadn't yet opened, and they are turning out abubdant and fine.
After yesterday's Senate imbroglio with AG Barr's awkward testimony-- and him cancelling today's session with House, things are in a sorry state. House Dems seem to think censure or perjury charges would not have much effect. Trumpsky meanwhile has forbidden any cooperation with Congress. "It's over!" (a line he swiped from Sebator Graham yesterday -- evident coirdination?)

Somehow, though, it now seems possible that Special Counsel Mueller -- not being a DOJ official as he completes certain formalities -- may soon be able to testify before one or more House commitees. At least Mueller's staff are reported to be in touch with House committee staff.

Congressman Eric Swalwell told the press that the House should impeach Barr. I wholeheartedly agree!

May 1st, 2019

Impeach Barr!

Whoa! Today was kinda horrible, and the worst part is that I watched the whole pathetic Barr event live on TV. Mind you, I DIDN'T intend to -- but Joanne at 10 o'clock turned on the coverage of his wretched Senate testimony, and I just got caught up in it.

The scene was set, of course, by the publication of Special Counsel Mueller's complaints to AG Barr about how Barr misrepresented the report of Mueller's investigation of Trumpsky. The latter's illegal behavior in the 2016 elections and afterwards was, yep, the thrust of the 22-month investigation.

I'm not going to rehash the whole imbroglio, which has occupied us for the past six fucking weeks. But I DO want to say that Mueller stumbled badly in trusting the AG to treat him and his team fairly.

Once it was clear to Mueller in late March that Barr had simply "captured" the initiative on the damned report, he should have "gone public" with his objection to Barr's whitewash of Trumpsky. Instead, he privately sent Barr a LETTER on March 23 -- and a follow-up on the 25th -- as was revealed only yesterday. Today Barr testified before rhe Senate Judiciary Committee -- and the goddamned cat was out of the bag.

And the four hours of his parrying questions from Committee members WAS halfway decent entertainment. But Barr was unashamed for having cheated us out of the Mueller report for many weeks -- giving him all that time to neutralize the report's just criticism of the lying Trumpsky.

After the Senate session, Barr's office added insult to injury by cancelling Thursday's hearing by the House of Representatives on the same subject.

Now, House Democrats MUST soon sanction Barr for contempt of Congress -- but, actually, they should go for broke, moving to impeach him. (The procedure seems to be considerably simpler than for a President, and it could be a useful warning for the White House.)

April 28th, 2019


This morning, the former Acting AG -- fired soon after he took office (note the irony in the word "took"!) for defying Trumpsky -- told Face the Nation the Orange One would be indicted for obstruction if he weren't in the White House. This judgment was based on her experience as a prosecutor and reading the Mueller Report.

It's gonna be an ugly two years 'til we are rid of the bastard!

April 26th, 2019

According to his speech text on DOJ's Website, Rod Rosenstein's "...wife served on your board of governors from 1993 to 2002. I got to know many of the members, particularly the group that traveled with us to Armenia in 1994 [only a couple of years after Armenia was freed of Soviet domination] to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the University of Yerevan.

"When I met Lisa in 1988, some of her relatives viewed me as 'odar,' an outsider to the culture. But recently a friend introduced me as 'Armenian by Choice.' After tonight, I have an even stronger claim to be an honorary Armenian..."

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