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August 15th, 2018

Trump screws around again!

"...Trump said in a signing statement [this week] that he reserves the right to ignore a recently signed defense authorization law's ban on recognizing Russian sovereignty of Crimea."

So much for his oath to "...protect and defend the Constitution and the laws" of the U.S.

However, if the miserable bastard tries to betray our trust in so blatant a fashion, it will be grounds for his immediate impeachment.

As he WILL discover!
Sorry, I've been lazy in recent weeks, not contining to pour scorn on the many stupidities, lies and assorted conspiracies hatched by the Trumpies. I figure you gentle readers have many other resources available to document all the mis- and malfeasance emanating from the formerly functional White House. You don't (sniff!) NEED me...

On the other hand, I'm provoked by today's gratuitous slap at former CIA chief John Brennan -- taking away the security clearance tradi- tionally granted to former national security officials like Brennan. This asinine slap symbolizes EVERYTHING that Trumpsky has been doing to weaken American security -- as he pouts and prevaricates his errant way across the Washington scene.

Ttumpsky is an abomination! He know very damned little about the serious security issues confronting our country and, indeed, facing our erstwhile friends and allies around the world! He is vain, insecure, and dangerous to the nation -- and to our world.

And today's downright dumb action is counter-productive to us. It amounts to yet another concession to Russia by Trumpsky.

It will be remembered as a marker illustrating his real (and wholly unpatriotic) conduct. Putin must be so pleased that HIS investnent in DJT is paying off so spectacularly.

Fuck BOTH of them!

July 29th, 2018

Javanka and the Times

Just read the Times' weekend story on "Javanka" (Trumpsky's elder daughter and her hubby Jared), and thought it insightful, as far as it went. But I want to tell you friends my reaction in a little detail. After all, somebody once said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

So, for whatever it's worth, here's my wrap-up on the lengthy piece. The Terrible Twosome refused to talk directly to the Times, though they were told it was for a major piece. (Curiously, ol' Trumpsky has just done a long, supposedly off-the-record* interview with Times publisher, A.G. Sulzberger.)

Jared's Problems

I cannot resist quoting this curious insight: "Trump joked that he 'could have had Tom Brady' [quarterback of Boston's football team, who is reported elsewhere to privately support Trumpsky] as a son-in-law. "'Instead, [the Donald] said, according to five people who heard him, 'I got Jared Kushner.'"

The Times's take on Jared is pretty unkind -- not that he deserves better! Particularly given numerous media complaints in the past year that he has abused his position to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in Chinese financing to cover the Kushner firm's bad bets. (Oddly, it isn't mentioned in the Times article...)

"Mueller’s investigators [sic!] have not publicly cleared Mr. Kushner, and Mr. Kushner’s advisers issued misleading statements that indicated his clearance had been fully restored, when in fact he was still awaiting that status." Jared finally getting his damned FBI security clearance a few months ago -- he went most of Trumpsky's first year without one, reportedly for his egregious conflicts of interest -- will, I trust, not be the last he hears from Robert Mueller!

Among those who had some hope of getting Javanka's help was at least one Dem. “'I never counted on it, but they themselves promoted the idea that they would save us,' [sic!] said Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist who has been a vocal critic of the administration -- before ticking off a list of policies that Mr. Trump has sought to dismantle."

Citing one particular mess, "'separating immigrant families,' [Ms. Rosen] added,'How do they sleep at night?'"

Ivanka Also at Sea

Another contretemps was Ivanka's meet with Cecile Richards, then president of Planned Parenthood. "Ms. Trump was stung by Ms. Richards’s [published] account, and has told people close to her that Ms. Richards initiated the meeting and 'mischaracterized' the discussion 'for political and personal profit.'" Aw...

Perhaps the article's single sharpest insight into White House policymaking was to note that Javanka "regard Stephen Miller, a supporter of some of Mr. Trump’s harshest stands on immigration, as a walking policy encyclopedia" -- their supporting this loathsome toady is a hell of an indictment of all three of them.

"Their privileged permanence as family members has allowed them to outlast other aides in an environment where expectations have been shifted and, at times, lowered on their behalf."

Foreign Affairs

[The issue of Palestine/Israel peace, which] "the president almost cavalierly assigned to Mr. Kushner at the outset of the administration, is still a quagmire as Mr. Trump’s pro-Israel policies have infuriated the Palestinians..."

The Middle East is merely "ONE of the bigger tasks, for which [Kushner] is out of his depth." That's about all they say about the Middle East, But, elsewhere on the globe, Trumpsky, "following his own preference, huddled with Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump instead of his top policy advisers before his meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un." We all might have guessed!

A Telling Relationship, or Two?

"Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, was one of several allies the couple asked to speak [to the Times -- sic!] on their behalf for this article." He merely allowed that they had carried the water for him sometimes. “They both have been dependable, valuable and effective partners for me and other members of the president’s cabinet.” Yeah, right!

Finally, of all people, Senator Susan Collins of Maine (who, in a few weeks, may be the key vote against Kavenaugh on his Supreme Court nomination) "found in Ms. Trump what many Republicans most desire: a direct line to a president sometimes at odds with his own party.

"... Ms. Trump has delivered one of the few things she can uniquely accomplish in Washington: Riding in a car together one day, she handed Ms. Collins a phone. The president was on the line." Yay, team!


* https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-says-he-called-media-enemy-of-the-people-in-meeting-with-ny-times-publisher/2018/07/29/fec5adee-9330-11e8-810c-5fa705927d54_story.html

July 20th, 2018

Trumpsky in Putin's pocket

Fareed Zakaria, as serious an observer of foreign policy as there is, wrote an op-ed today warning that Trumpsky's scheme to improve American ties to Russia is utterly mistaken.

According to Trumpsky's recent tweet, "'our relations with Russia have "NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity.' This notion is now firmly lodged in Trump’s mind and informs his view of Russia and Putin."

Zakaria reviews the bilateral decline in the past two decades -- that is, since Putin has been in power. And, while "the West might have missed an opportunity to transform Russia in the early 90s," since then "Russia has CHOSEN to become the principal foe of America" and of the orderly international system (NATO, etc.) we have tried to create.

And Trumpsky is the LEAST likely person to do anything useful about it...

July 19th, 2018

Two days after Helsinki...

Whoa, darn it, I don't see any of the usual suspects responding to my latest LJ posts on Trumpsky. I've gone two whole days since putting up my reaction to the infernal Trumpsky/Putin meeting & press confab in Helsinki.

Not unexpectedly, some ugly stuff has precipitated here in Washington, with a wide swath of the informed public denouncing the cowardly display. Hell, since Monday, even the do-nothing Congress has sounded almost, well, moderately peeved at The Donald. Yes, even a few Repubs went out of their way to castigate him for sucking up to Russia. His crime -- amounting to treason -- was egregious: outrageously siding with his buddy Putin regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential elections.

Trumpsky, meanwhile, has felt the need to recast his more egregious lies from Helsinki, revising his clumsy words to the press both yesterday and today. BUT he really screwed the pooch today, saying he'd consider surrendering to Russia our former ambassador to Moscow, Mike McFall, and other Embassy staffers. Trumpsky was trying to implement his evident promise to cooperate in "investigations" --creating a "false equivalency," an obscene tit-for-tat, despite our diplomats having complete legal immunity to such charges.

(Trumpsky is so dumb he doesn't know of hundreds of years of mutual international recognition of the rights of every nation's diplomats. The bastard is actually that dumb!)

The State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert, bravely defended our ambassador -- telling the press that we would never give up our diplomats to a foreign state in such pathetic circumstances. However, she did start by saying she wasn't speaking for the White House.

Sure enough, WH mouthpiece Sarah Sanders this afternoon said that Trumpsky was "looking at" the Kremlin request "with his team."

OMFG, the Liar-in-Chief MUST be taken to task immediately, likely by the Congress -- calling the American translator to testify about what she heard in the secret Trumpsky/Putin meeting. (None of the normal USG officials was invited into the 2-hour meeting; otherwise, they WOULD have been able to provide a traditional "memorandum of conversation" -- so the translator is our only hope of knowing what ELSE Trumpsky tried to surrender to Putin.)

July 17th, 2018

Well, today was an utter disgrace on the part of our erratic enemy D. Trumpsky. I regret mightily that we Americans could not squelch the many abuses he committed in Bruselles and the UK. We shall do our damnedest to remove him from power as soon as we can...

And there's a little good news on that front today. Over the weekend the FBI arrested a Russian plotter here in Washington -- someone who seems to have penetrated a bunch of gun-nuts calling themselves the National Rifle Association (NRA), apparently in connection with the 2016 election. Details are sketchy but there's reason to believe she's part of the overall Russian scheming. Today she was charged in Federal court -- and we should get details in the next day or so.

So, while Trumpsky/Putin were busy today obscuring the recent Mueller indictment of a dozen Moscow-based spies (though extraditing them seems unlikely), we NOW have in Federal custody someone of considerable interest. Stay tuned...

July 16th, 2018

Reacting to Putin/Trumpsky*


That godforesaken press conference was the most outrageous sellout in American history. Trumpsky MUST now be impeached for outright TREASON.

I don't need to recap all his errors and omissions. The terms of impeachment have been set irreversably. I hope Special Counsel Mueller will now make a public statement defending his legitimate and vital work, assailing Putin for his skillful handling of hia Trumpsky puppet. And asserting his intention to complete his work and oversee the impeachment!

* I coined the "Trumpsky" sobriquet in August 2016 as the Russian penetration of our Presidential elections was first suspected. I plan to conjoin their names henceforth. Trumpsky is now officially Putin's puppet!

"...He has [helped him get elected] charmed him and egged him on. And on Monday, when Russian President Vladimir Putin meets President Trump face to face here in Finland’s capital, he will see what he gets out of it."

All that's missing from the Post's lead story in the above paragraph is the single word "alleged." And there's NO reason to convey ANY doubt that Russia helped elect Trumpsky.

And the headline should have been "Trump's craven surrender!"

We're watching treason in real time! C'mon, Congress, grow some BALLS!

July 15th, 2018

Trumping the truth


The Post's "Outlook" section today has a fascinating review of no less than FIVE books concerned with the decline of truthfulness in Trumpsky's era.

Of all of them, the book I most want to read is called "The Death of Truth" (Twain's rejoinder that reports of his death "are greatly exaggerated" seems to apply). It's by former NYTimes book critic Michiko Kakutani. I gotta agree with her suggestion that The Donald* is many things: "over-the-top avatar of narcissism, mendacity, ignorane, prejudice, boorishness, demagoguery, and tyranical impulses...some manic cartoonist"s mashup of Ubu Roy, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and a chadacter discarded by Moliere."

She "calls out lefty academics who for decades preached postmodernism and social constructivism, which argued that truth is not universal but a reflection of relative power...paving the way for today's violence against fact in politics and science."

These theories "have been hijacked by Trump's [sic] defenders, who use them to explain away his lies, inconsistencies and broken promises."

* I dubbed him Trumpsky in 2016, when first reports surfaced about his fondness for Putin. Also, I pledge NEVER to acknowledge his stolen title.

July 14th, 2018

Cartoon the Trump

I tried in vain to find a cool drawing on the Web-page of cartoonist Jeff Danziger, which was repeated in the Post today, but no luck. So please just imagine Trumpsky and the PM sitting in No. 10; they see in the sky outside that blimp ridiculing him as a baby, and May says, "well, yes, it is rather insulting -- but we find it keeps the Germans away."
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