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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Frankly, I had not rxpected to "celebrate" St. Val's this year -- since Joanne and I had been quarreling a bunch lately. (The issues aren't new, as longtime readers will recsll -- taking each other for granted, liking different lifesyles, religion (her yes, me no), and sex (her no, me wtf!)...

Anyhow, she's been a tad nicer of late, and today surprised me with tickets to see Judy Collins here in Vero next week. So I dashed out, while J was still shopping, and picked up some lovely flowers for her. She was home when I returned -- and was very pleased at the attention.

We're dining at a favorite restaurant this evening, and it's kinda great to ease up on the tensions, even for a day.
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