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Colbert challenges Trumpsky's apologist

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Colbert challenges Trumpsky's apologist

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Just saw tonight's Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He made biting fun of Steven Miller, who was on all the Sunday TV-news shows to defend his boss, Trumpsky.

As usual for the foundering adinistration, the ONLY defense is a nasty offense -- and Miller questioned the right of our judiciary to consider the constitutional legitimacy of his Muslim ban.

Colbert replayed recordings of Miller's outrageous Sunday remarks, including the latter's claim "to go anywhere anytime" to defend Trumpsky's claim of "unreviewable" broad powers.

Colbert challenged Miller to come on HIS show on Tuesday. "If he doesn't come, I'll call him a liar... If he DOES come, I'll call him a liar TO HIS FACE."

Could get interesting...
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