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Trumpsky and the Republican-owned Congress

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Trumpsky and the Republican-owned Congress

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From Daily Kos (a liberal blog), the headline: "Congressional Republicans are terrified that Trump may treat them the way he treats everyone else"

And a snippet of their text:
"It’s not as if Donald Trump has had trouble getting Congress to back his every play. No matter what he does, he knows that turtle-man [McConnell*] and boy blunder [Ryan] will be there to --silently, silently --acquiesce to his every play.

"However, there are a tiny handful of Republicans in Congress who have raised their voices. Not so shockingly, these squeaky wheels seem to come either from locations where Trump is particularly unpopular -- or from the not-inconsequential ranks of those Trump went out of his way to humiliate during the campaign..."

* Don't get me started about how, last evening, McConnell nastily assaulted Elizabeth Warren, who was legitimately speaking against the racist J. Beauregard Sessions and quoting the late widow of MLKing. That motherfucker McConnell ought to be ashamed of himself. God knows, the REST of us are utterly ashamed that he's in the god-damned US Senate!
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