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February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Frankly, I had not rxpected to "celebrate" St. Val's this year -- since Joanne and I had been quarreling a bunch lately. (The issues aren't new, as longtime readers will recsll -- taking each other for granted, liking different lifesyles, religion (her yes, me no), and sex (her no, me wtf!)...

Anyhow, she's been a tad nicer of late, and today surprised me with tickets to see Judy Collins here in Vero next week. So I dashed out, while J was still shopping, and picked up some lovely flowers for her. She was home when I returned -- and was very pleased at the attention.

We're dining at a favorite restaurant this evening, and it's kinda great to ease up on the tensions, even for a day.

Fired by TWO presidents!

I awoke this morning to good news: Trumpsky's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has been booted for his misconduct.

Woohoo! This vindicates the protesters of Trumpsky's goofy, unprincipaled and downright foolish approach to governing. Unfortunately, it may strengthen the hold on him by both Pence (who was mislead by Flynn) and Bannon (who seems to dislike him). Oh, well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day...
Just saw tonight's Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He made biting fun of Steven Miller, who was on all the Sunday TV-news shows to defend his boss, Trumpsky.

As usual for the foundering adinistration, the ONLY defense is a nasty offense -- and Miller questioned the right of our judiciary to consider the constitutional legitimacy of his Muslim ban.

Colbert replayed recordings of Miller's outrageous Sunday remarks, including the latter's claim "to go anywhere anytime" to defend Trumpsky's claim of "unreviewable" broad powers.

Colbert challenged Miller to come on HIS show on Tuesday. "If he doesn't come, I'll call him a liar... If he DOES come, I'll call him a liar TO HIS FACE."

Could get interesting...

February 12th, 2017

Trumpsky and Wall Street

A lead article in NYTimes's Sunday editorial section takes the odd position that, despite Trumpies having happily trashed Wall Street throughout the campaign, NOW The Street SHOULD make major sacrifices to justify his "forgiveness."

In particular, the justly-maligned plutocrats need to drastically revamp their compensation structure -- risking their own assets, as they in fact did up to 1970. In that year, big traders (which had been partnerships) began turning themselves into corporations -- putting all the risk onto shareholders, and freeing top execs to focus on "the bottom line" and their own bonuses -- that is, for juicing revenues eithout worrying about the risks flowing from their decisions.

As a longtime observer of American business, I am intrigued by this unusual proposition. I will return to discuss this idea after digesting it further.

February 11th, 2017

Stumbling "hard enough"

Headlining "Trump[sky] will 'look into" Flynn reports," today's NYTimes (yes! we now subscribe here in FL!) has a good article summing up lots of reporting on Trumpsky's National Insecurity Advisor, Michael Flynn.

You astute readers have seen media reports in past weeks about Flynn playing footsie with Russians, including with their ambassador on the very day that President Obama (oh, do THOSE two words sound good together!) sanctioned Russia for fucking around with our elections. Flynn is widely thought to have reassured him that Trumpsky surely would obediently lift those mean little sanctions. But Flynn denied it, including to Veep Pence -- who then denied it to the press.

Now Flynn's spokesman says he "couldn't remember" whether he had, indeed, discussed the sanctions -- in clear breech of US law. And last night, on Air Farce One, ol' Trumpsky claimed to reporters "I have not seen it" (the press reports on Flynn's poor memory), but would "look into" them.

Last night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow -- evidently smelling blood in the water -- took off on Flynn. She had an authority (albeit a Democrat) on Congress's Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, who said this seemingly illicit communication with Russia "raises serious questions of legality and fitness for office -- [Flynn] should not be in this administration..."

Today's article said Repubs in Congress have little stomach for criticizing Flynn. "Some [Repubs] believe he will ultimately stumble hard enough that he will be forced out..." Notably, it then links Flynn to three other Trumpies who have been booted out, including the erstwhile campaign manager Paul Manafort -- sacked in August when details leaked out regarding his dirty involvement with Russia in the Ukraine.

US "counterintelligence officials are already known to be investigating these links to Russia." They could properly lift his security clearance in punishment for Flynn's sins extending bsck to his heading the Defense Intelligence Agency -- a job Obama forced him out of.

Yes, Flynn will go soon, I predict. The word on Repubs in Congress practically guarantees it.

February 10th, 2017

Trumpsky is losing badly (or "bigly," as he likes to say about winning). A 3-judge panel of the Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco this afternoon rejected the Trumpies' effort to reinstate his badly executed (and morally wrong) executive order (EO) to block Muslim travel into the US.

Listening to the analysis of various observers and legal experts on TV, one got the strong sense that the court was appalled at the chaotic situation created by the ineptly launched EO -- even as it was affronted by the President's attorney presenting no evidence of the security threat he has claimed.

The Donald needs to read -- albeit belatedly -- the Constitution if he is to avoid looking worse and worse in his self-created dilemma. But doing that would cut into his Tweeting, or maybe following up on the dozens of other issues he had urged in his campaign.

February 9th, 2017

From Daily Kos (a liberal blog), the headline: "Congressional Republicans are terrified that Trump may treat them the way he treats everyone else"

And a snippet of their text:
"It’s not as if Donald Trump has had trouble getting Congress to back his every play. No matter what he does, he knows that turtle-man [McConnell*] and boy blunder [Ryan] will be there to --silently, silently --acquiesce to his every play.

"However, there are a tiny handful of Republicans in Congress who have raised their voices. Not so shockingly, these squeaky wheels seem to come either from locations where Trump is particularly unpopular -- or from the not-inconsequential ranks of those Trump went out of his way to humiliate during the campaign..."

* Don't get me started about how, last evening, McConnell nastily assaulted Elizabeth Warren, who was legitimately speaking against the racist J. Beauregard Sessions and quoting the late widow of MLKing. That motherfucker McConnell ought to be ashamed of himself. God knows, the REST of us are utterly ashamed that he's in the god-damned US Senate!

February 5th, 2017

"...The immigration ban, a dubious policy that no serious counterterrorism expert believes is necessary, threw the Trump Administration into chaos, alienated large swaths of the federal government, offended international allies, and divided the Republican Party." (Ryan Lizza, on New Yorker magazine's Website)

And Trumpsky wonders why Federal judges have shot it down!
Well, TONIGHT may have been the BEST iteration of SNL since, um, ever! Alec Baldwin did his killer Trumpsky impersonation (trying in vain to con the Mexican President into paying for the goddamned wall); the nefarious Steven Bannon was portrayed as a "Death" skeleton -- not subtle, but plenty cool. And Melissa McCarthy did a fabulous take on Sean Spicer, the Trumpsky mouthpiece. She had the look of Spicer down pat (props to the SNL make-up people!), and the fierce anger was all too similar to the real Spicer. (I predict he won't last two months!)

But I confess I was utterly boggled by a VERY sexy Kristen Stewart! For one thing, she told an amazing (and evidently true) story about being harassed on Twitter several years ago by The Donald, who was bizarrely titillated. She read off several of some eleven Tweets from him about how Kristen had slept around while dating Robert Pattinson. (They had an extended and very public affair while appearing in the "Twilight" teen drama, like a decade ago...but why Trumpsky felt he needed to defend Pattinson is downright strange!)

Also, in the opening monolog, she accidentally said "fuck" while flirting with Kate McKinnon. Kristen was sparkling whenever she and Kate were together, but also in a great re-do of the classic SNL "Totino" mini-pizza commercial -- where she seduces the oppressed housewife while hubby is watching the Superbowl with his buds.

Kristen was again fabulous playing Gisela Bundchen (Tom Brady's unlikely spouse); Kate played her usual over-the-top Justin Bieber in that same game-show sketch.

And the "Saturday Night Update" sequence was terrific, just slamming Trumpsky pitilessly -- not that the asshole deserves pity!

I guarantee there'll be some outraged Tweets tonight from The Donald!
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