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August 25th, 2016

Best headline of the week!

"Donald Trump is doing great with black and Hispanic voters now, according to polls that don’t exist"

A headline on the Washington Post this morning.

August 24th, 2016

I hit a site called "sexycosplaygirls" and found one particular superhero, a girl called "widowmaker". (Not the only time the name's been coined. In the sequoia forests, individual branches far up the tree have been known to detach and fall straight down, with that particular result.) She dresses in a fantastic lavender rig! Must be a lesbian, I surmise, because she kills only men -- presumably taking the widows for herself.






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Yes, it sure IS! I won't sleep with a girl I can't have a good conversation with. Intercourse is both verbal and genital...



"Jennifer Lopez wowed [at the Golden Globes last spring] in her Zuhair Murad gown."
http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/149399874677/workaholicatrest-its-called-the-classic-thigh YES, but does it work for a striving domme?

BTW I might explain the tags I use: Livejournal used to give us tags for free, but some years back began charging for them. Anyway, long story short, I didn't agree to pay, and stopped adding them. A year ago, I found they'd never deleted the old ones, and it rather amused me to toss out a few (four, usually) -- sometimes wide of the mark, sometimes a cute commentary.

Do click on any you fancy -- they'll take you back to the early LJ when we were young and gay. (I, for one, am still gay...) They'll EVEN show you sexy, private pix, which I used to download from Flickr with the individual photographers' shot-by-shot permission. Imagine -- you don't even need to click an URL, just gaze upon the now-forbidden fruit. (Some, alas, have disappeared as the shooters moved on; quite a few survive, though.)

August 23rd, 2016


There is currently some modest demand for my services as a dominatrix, as you discerning readers have undoubtedly guessed. While a black bra and panties (and a riding crop) no doubt will suffice, I'm sure my cred with the subbies would be helped by this sleek silk camisole.
http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/149354126177/the-happily-submissive-jackie-here-is-not-a I posted this photo right here a year ago, having found Jackie's delicious Tumblr. These are from various sites, but they're of herself (who took it is not mentioned, but it came "via burnoutparadiseray177"). Believe it or not, I looked at a list from Google of subbies I had done, and this shot topped the list.

http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/149354553397/here-is-the-most-recent-tumblr-post-by-jackie It's dated TODAY. She evidently has a hell of a successful modeling career going in Chicago; everyone wants to photograph -- what else? A lezzie submissive.

http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/149354761237/another-of-the-amazing-jackie-i-believe-no This is dated yesterday, another shot of darling Jackie that I found on her Tumblr just now. It's from a Tumblr called "metasensual" -- apparently, they posed her with this dominant-seeming blond. Or maybe she IS her domme.

Goddess, am I getting a delectable sense of Chicago's wild side! The faint-of-heart (yes, I do have friends here who draw certain lines -- you there, Karen?) may not want to open this stunning pose. Anyway, Jackie is literally making out very well, out on the edge of lezzie porn.

I've met a sexy Spanish woman over on Tumblr. I fancy she looks something like this lovely lady in black. Life does get interesting sometimes, though the Chinese sage warned us to beware it getting "too interesting."
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