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August 20th, 2017

I guess I'm getting jaded from all Trumpsky's outrages. I was totally surprised-- in a GOOD way -- by today's Washington Post.

There were no fewer than 22 articles that touched on the Charlottesville imbroglio. NOT repeating themselves in any way, but there's THAT much to say about what is possibly Trumpsky's FATAL error.

Front page: long piece on Bannon's ouster (lots of relevance to the alt-right, including the timing and what he'll do in league with white supremicists), plus a separate long article on impact on Republicans (more are "off the reservation" than you'd imagine)

Page A3: focus on Boston victory of counter-protest!

Pages A4 (cancellations of big events at Mar-a-Lago, etc.), A6-8 (continuation of front-page pieces, plus dynamite interviews with SIX far-rightists at C-ville from all over US -- scary), and A10 (17 white-nationalist groups present at C-ville).

Page A14 (European reaction, including German counter-protesters squelching Neo-Nazis trying to commemorate a long-forgotten Hitler deputy.)

Pages A19-21: editorial and op-eds, including "America's Unhappiest Employee" (ahem, Trumpsky himself, widely reported not to like the job) and several well-reasoned pieces by observers on why it's time to get rid of the remaining Confederate memorials.

(One is a descendant's letter to the editor, asking to remove a 1912 statue of a Tennessee general killed 50 years earlier -- "it has no historical value" since it glorifies "the fight to preserve slavery...")

THEN the separate Outlook section B, the front page of which was an (altered) photo of the White House, with black sky and Stars-and-Bars flag in full color over it. Polemical, sure, but it feels in tune with all the weekly- mag covers slamming Trumpsky.

There are 3 long pieces (one a stunning demand to take down Robert E. Lee monuments, by a descendant whose parents were hassled for their 1967 black/white marriage. Her grandmother had fought the marriage in Lee's name.)

Another notable piece argues that Obama could somehow have done more to warn/prepare us --actually a VERY timely book review of "Obama: the Call of History" by Peter Baker.

We're getting old!

So, yesterday, I was chatting on Tumblr with a cute 19-year-old from UK -- and mentioned a response one of my reblogs got. It showed a girl wearing a slave collar, complete with loop to hook up a leash.

So this --yes!-- young girl said "what's the deal?" I said, you know, not a choker, a BDSM thing. And she went, "no, really? Like, wha?"

She said she knew the choker from the game, "Assassin's Creed."

It gets worse: I had to concede HER point yesterday when I saw a bunch of photos of a young singer named Dua Lipa. (NO idea what ethnic she might be.) She was wearing several different slave collars (always with the loop to attach the leash), and yet in 30-40 different shots she has ZERO other signs of a kinky sexual thing. Not even any tats!

So, the kids are onto a way different vibe -- taking THE classic BDSM symbol and ignoring what it confesses -- in favor of, "hey, that's cute!"

August 19th, 2017

I won't repeat all the "Who Struck John" involved in the firing yesterday of white supremicist Stephen Bannon. But, from this morning's Washington Post, one thing is clear; he was booted out by Trumpsky and his new Chief of Staff John Kelly. (His self-serving claim that he quit two weeks ago was merely Bannon's face-saving gesture.)

The front-page headline is telling: "Trump thrusts Bannon aside." The paper reports, though, that Trumpsky "had been skittish about firing his chief strategist." Several TV commentators referred to the old joke, credited to President Lyndon Johnson, that it's better to have a known firebrand "inside the tent pissing out rather than outside, pissing in."

Thinking about this god-awful mess that is the Trumpsky presidency, the name "Rohm" popped into my mind. I recalled he was a Hitler insider who was ousted in the mid-30s. I went to Google, finding an excellent Wikipedia piece with the full story.

Ernst Rohm was the organizer of street toughs into a vicious paramilitary called the "Storm Department" (SA -- a precursor of the SS). It "protected" Nazi rallies, and attacked demonstrations by leftist groups, including the Communists. At Hitler's order, he and his Nazi allies were arrested (and later murdered) in what's called "the night of the long knives."

The parallels with Bannon are scary...

August 18th, 2017

On Brian Williams' MSNBC daily hour tonight, LBJ's onetime Press Spokesman Bill Moyers and a lawyer named Steven Harper announced they had created an interactive timeline for ALL of the Trumpies' dealings with Russia, from money-launders to obscure Putin cronies.

In effect, they are anticipating Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into the Russian effort to influence the 2016 election-- though only published sources were used.

So I checked it out:

It is already a 400-entry monster (and it's being constantly updated), but it is searchable and keyed to 18 main actors from the late Sergei Magnitsky to Don Trump Jr.

Indictments to follow.

August 16th, 2017


Bravo! Maryland's Republican governor, Larry Hogan, put the state onto the right side on the cultural wars. This positive political move adds to the list of Trumpsky's losses due to his absurd shilly-shallying after Charlottesville.

With this declaration, Gov. Hogan, a serious Republican (rare breed!), distanced himself from Trumpsky.

Removing the Taney statue from the Maryland State House grounds fits with the actions of other states and cities north and south to do away with symbols of slavery.

Taney's writing the Supreme Court's 1857 decision in the notorious Dred Scott case, holding that blacks are not US citizens, wasted a chance to avoid the Civil War.

There's no longer the slightest doubt: Trumpsky must be thrown out. (Didn't mean to rhyme it, but WTF!)

*I added "-sky" to The Don's family name in summer, 2016 when his bro-mance with Putin first came to public sttention. I kept it after lsst November's outragious election, and I will keep it until the bastard is impeached for his Russia ties and thrown the hell out.
OMFG -- Trumpsky is going to drive us ALL nuts! (And that may be his strategy...)

Just seven hours ago, he recanted his statements from MONDAY-- that neo-nazis, KKK and white supremecists are to blame for the terrorism in Charlottesville -- and coyly resurrected his outrageous SATURDAY statement. As of the midnight talk shows, it's not clear what effect this will have.

At least, WE now know definitively where the Asshole-in-Chief stands; the corollary is that he must be stopped, somehow. Speaker Ryan put out a careful statement condemning the alt-right; on the sleazy other hand, Senate Leader McConnell has NOT issued any reaction. Congressional censure of Trumpsky is being considered by a few politicians, and pending Senate and House measures to protect both Mueller and Sessions presumably are more likely than they were just 12 hours ago.

The initial wave of resignations of key business leaders from White House advisory panels, which began Sunday, remains at four; CNN/MSNBC are urging more such leaders to quit, and Wednesday will hopefully see more such slaps at Trumpsky. Perhaps a few West Wing resignations may also come.

The next 48 hours will see much sound and fury. It's likely too early to push for impeachment -- achieving that formal political judgment of Trumpsky depends on the time-consuming investigations by Mueller and by various Congressional committees. More Republicans must be convinced that Trumpsky is a sufficiently grave threat to the country to REQUIRE impeachment. That will NOT be easy!

August 12th, 2017

There is so much going down on Trumpsky's absurd provocations that I really cannot sum it up here. However, a quote from today's WPost is worth sharing -- regarding the vaunted "adults in the room":

"Trump...told reporters Thursday: 'to be honest [NOT that he's even capable of honesty!], General Mattis may have taken it a step beyond what I said.”

Same article expressed doubts that the new WH Chief of Staff (one of the retired 4-stars on the premises). John Kelly, is currently advising Trumpsky on North Korea. He's reportedly sticking to handling the operational shit incumbent on his role. We HAD hoped for much more -- sort of muzzling Trumpsky, and keeping him from doing horrible things.

So much for the "adults" around the Asshole-in-Chief...

August 8th, 2017

Dems' political focus

I just filled out an on-line questionnaire from the Democratic Governors Asn. It was a seeming reflection of legit concerns about the "saleability" of liberal* issues -- though it was dominated by its crude fundraising pitch. Like "your policy input is nice and all, but how much can we put you down for?"

One question offered short-term options, trying to steer toward ideological issues without QUITE asking "how far left should we go?" It had a series of boxes to check, including a space to provide concrete feedback.

I found myself trying to convince the poll-takers to focus on "the Resistance" -- not on ideology per se. Here's what I wrote:

"I'm aware that there is soul-searching under way among Dems in ihis regard, mainly at national level -- mainly whether Party should move further 'left'...there being issues, including health care (single-payer vs. Obamacare-style expansion of private insurance), where the present "identity" of the Party doesn't satisfy a significant number of Dems.

"However, there is risk that such debates may distract us from attacking the overall Trump problem. 'Resistance' should be the central focus. Yes, anti-GOP positions are the central concern now -- not 'how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.'

"Don't get bogged down on the finer points: attack the stupid tea-party and other "know-nothing" GOP pols. Attack the basics pushed by THEIR side -- their seven-year campaign against Obama AND his healthcare approach. Attack the vicious GOP racism pushed by McConnell and his ilk."

But I didn't contribute any money, so they may well ignore it.

* though, perhaps deliberately, the word "liberal" was never used in the questionnaire.

August 7th, 2017

The Post's senior editor Jackson Diehl, writing from a conference on US-India relations in New Delhi, is sincerely appalled by the impact of Trumpsky's god-awful disarray. (A carastrophe which is undermining our relations with EVERY country on the face of the earth!!)

The US-India relationship today is heading "in two very different directions. There is the Himalayan plateau where Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in the most tense and potentially explosive standoff since a 1962 border war. And there is the din emanating from the Trump administration, which has managed to frighten and confound just about every nation that counts on U.S. global engagement..."

Whole story here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/opinions/global-opinions/india-wanted-a-friend-in-trump-instead-its-getting-chaos/2017/08/06/9c2cef08-77e3-11e7-8f39-eeb7d3a2d304_story.html

August 4th, 2017

I just read, in the latest* "Lenny," a horoscope for Virgo (I was born on Sept.13) by Melissa Broder: "Being your own best friend is hard as shit, except for some people to whom it comes easy (if that's you, then go ahead and ignore this month, because you're doing better than I am). But to those for whom the jargon of self-love feels disgusting and impossible: What if you tried switching out what you are to yourself? I don't know how to be my own mommy, but I'm maybe learning how to be my own daughter a little. Could you be your own crush? Your own patient?"

Hmmm. I probably AM my "own best friend" (not likely a good thing), and therefore I fit her stipulation on whether to DO what she suggests: it does "come easy" to me. So perhaps I ought to stop right here.

But I'm also a bit intrigued about "switching out what [I] am to [my]self..." Especially since "being [my] own crush" is among her suggested areas for "switching out."

Certainly, this past year I HAVE gone through several searing on-line romantic interludes, which likely qualify as "crushes" in current aspirational terms.

I may pursue this; watch this space!

* I love/worship this thing: http://www.lennyletter.com/?src=nl&mag=LEN&list=nl_LEN_news&date=100116
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