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September 25th, 2016

A new WashPost/ABCNews poll sees a "virtual tie" between Trumpsky and Hillary. The numbers were H 46% T 44% with Libertarian Gary Johnson falling to just 5%.

My tentative read of these dismaying trends is that Johnson's large losses (he'd been polling in the 10-12% range just weeks ago) are benefitting Trumpsky.

Johnson's possible "spoiler" role was analyzed in a separate article --https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/09/24/gary-johnson-blames-troll-army-for-rumor-that-running-mate-might-quit/

It WOULD be great for Weld to quit, even if Libertarians' votes aren't likely to be decisive in national terms. Particular state contests (in New England and maybe elsewhere -- Florida, Arizona maybe?) could be affected.
"... it concentrates the mind wonderfully!" (Samuel Johnson, roughly)

Note: On Friday, I recounted to an LJ friend a tale from my checkered past. She hasn't replied as yet, and I just re-read it -- deciding it might be of momentary interest to others in our LJ milieu. Here 'tis:

Funny story just came to mind: when I took a new job [back in the late-80s], relocating to Brazil from Ecuador, we shipped the household's new puppy and our kittycat named "Kelly" on our aircraft -- in separate cages, as the airline required. Reaching Brasilia, we anxiously retrieved them from the baggage area. They were happy to see us, of course -- and we noticed they were awfully friendly to each other, as well.

Evidently their former mutual indifference. had evaporated; each seemed to have taken comfort from sensing the presence of the other animal -- perhaps recognizing a familiar yip or meow from nearby. "Wow, the humans [Joanne and me] abandoned their poor pets to a horrible experience, but c'mon! WE can survive this frightening cargo-hold TOGETHER."

Current relevance?? Well, Joanne's and my personal frictions seem to have abated. I wonder if this improvement might be due to the imminent presidential debate -- potentially putting ALL OF US into a horridly difficult situation.
I was fooling around this afternoon, on a new-to-me Tumblr called "fantasygrlsex" -- which has quite a few photos verging on outright porn... but NOT. This is still NSFW, no question, but there is an elegant insistence on tasteful eroticism. So, um, it's BOTH salacious AND somehow decent -- which I'd like to think of as SDM. What possible usefulness it might have is ANOTHER question, entirely...


September 24th, 2016

New David Bowie set

The online version of the UK's Guardian newspaper today reviews what sounds like a terrific new release of mid-70s material by the master (or maybe mistress), the late David Bowie.

It fits between Bowie's albums "The Gouster" (never knew what that meant; alas, I still DON'T) and the better-known (but, in my view, terribly depressing) Young Americans.

"There’s no room [in the former] for anything as straightforwardly gorgeous as Win, or Fame’s slick cynicism, or even the beatific message that lurks somewhere beneath Bowie’s scenery-chewing performance of Across the Universe.

"Instead, you get the corrupt demagogue portrayed on Somebody Up There Likes Me; the twitchy, agitated note-to-self that is Right (“never no turning back … never been known to fail”); and Young Americans itself. It’s easy to miss what a spectacularly grim lyric that song offers, buffeted as it is by carefree sax breaks and a joyous chorus, but it opens with a dismal sexual encounter that an apparently desperate woman accepts as her due ('heaven knows she’d have taken anything') and gets progressively less cheery from there: spousal abuse, political corruption, intimations of suicidal thoughts, a depiction of ageing as slow death and of emotional numbness that not even music can touch. You somehow notice its tenor more as the penultimate track on The Gouster than as the opener of the album..."

September 23rd, 2016

Dear K, I'm assembling a post about about this woman (ironically named "Justine") whose tumblr I first found this afternoon. It reminded me of you, so I photo-posted to your tumblr something she called "Her Sir". (Cool photo, no?) I returned to it, and photo-posted a second one tonight, which offers a rather tasty dictum about love and sex.

I translated it as: "The key to a sexual relationship.. not to force anyone to to do anything they don't want...rather to bring them to do things that they secretly dream of doing." That's the optimism guiding her.

But there's also pessimism, represented by a dark text (in Italian), gracing the home-page of her tumblr. As I note in the title above, she calls herself "Marquise Justine"; the blog has elegant erotica, with hints of BDSM (as befits something devoted to deSade, whose name gave birth to "sadism").:

"Anima Inquieta ♤ Mi chiamano maschera, sono figlia di un credo, mio padre è l’inganno. All’altare faccio santa la guerra, nel letto inganno l’amore. Ho tutti i difetti, me li porto nascosti per prendervi in giro. La mia fede è menzogna. Sono calma, feroce, assassina. Due torri gemelle non bastano?! E allora pensatemi saggia: ogni stupido va appresso al mio credo perché ogni credo pare sempre perfetto? Credi tu, Crede lui, credo anch’io. C’è sempre un altro che crede e provvede: che taglia le mani, che lapida ancora? Quel credo è imposto al bambino, quel credo genera guerra, quel credo coltiva, spaccia la droga, quel credo va in paradiso, con quel credo si credono eroi, la morte è contenta. Quel credo è ignoranza, fanatismo terrore. L’utopia è gloriosa e perfetta? Per lei, l’inganno è guadagno: il bimbo si prede per mano, (è innocente) L’amore non chiede perché?...

I've just translated it, despite some linguistic fuzziness, as follows:

"Unquiet soul: they call me a mask; I'm the daughter of a belief, [of] my father and [of] a fraud. I pledge holy war at the altar; in bed, I fake loving. I have every defect; I carry them hidden to employ them at will. My faith is a lie. I'm calm, ferocious and deadly. Twin towers [sic!] weren't enough? And then you think me wise -- every idiot joins my creed, all creeds being equally perfect?. You believe, he believes, even I do. There's always someone who believes and supports, who still goes along with things. [That] creed is passed to the child -- it causes and sustains war, it spreads drugs, believing in paradise, creating heroes -- and death is satisfied. That creed is ignorance, fanatical terrorism. Utopia is glorious and perfect? For some [Trump, perhaps?], fraud is just a profit opportunity: the innocent child is led by the hand. Love doesn't ask why."

There are other interesting reblogs on Justine deSade's site. I'll do a follow-on piece about them tomorrow...

September 22nd, 2016

Shay Mitchell


I liked this sequence of photos -- then got to wondering if there were some deeper message. The photos are from MaximMagazine's Mexico edition. Unlike a lot of "soft-sexy" stuff in the magazine, Shay wears the "control panty" in nearly all shots -- is her sexual energy somehow in bondage? The final shot here shows her very relaxed, wearing "normal" panties -- back in control of her own aexuality.

She coauthored the novel Bliss with Michaela Blaney (2015).
http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/150762312212/ultradevi-anuglybeauty-wwwmikedowsoncom This 10-shot sequence has another still from "Clockwork Orange" -- which I enjoyed as both book and movie. (Anthony Burgess was a wonderful writer, though the director, Stanley Kubrick, was awfully fond of the “edge” -- as the later Tom Cruise movie confirmed.)
http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/150694628167/anuglybeauty-wwwmikedowsoncom-i-love such erotic shots of a girl reflected a mirror, the “second view” revealing a sharply different sense of the scene.

http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/150710084092/anuglybeauty-wwwmikedowsoncom Another sequence of 10 shots, including a moody "red star" atop a Moscow building. But mainly several delicious shots of an unnamed Russian girl -- one in a dressing table mirror.

http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/150762124097/anuglybeauty-wwwmikedowsoncom-yes As I captioned my reblog, "another undressed girl, another mirror!"
Mike provides no info on this delectable model, apparently Russian, shown wearing two kinds of black panties in succeeding shots.
Blond model, green-sequin dress --
Different model, same dress! --

http://ultradevi.tumblr.com/post/150709288377/anuglybeauty-wwwmikedowsoncom. This shot is the sexiest one of all!
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